Lave-Vaisselle Compact PL 49DB A+ Blanc


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Bosch Gros électroménager Lave-vaisselles standards

Marque: Bosch

Couleur: Blanc, Blanc


  • Lave vaisselle compact
  • Option séchage extra
  • Système Auto 3 en 1
  • Système super brillance
  • MaxiPerformance

Contraignant: Divers

modèle: SKS62E32EU

Référence: SKS62E32EU

Détails: Take the guesswork out of cleaning.. Different loads of washing require different wash settings. Choosing the incorrect programme not only wastes time, but also water and energy. Bosch automatic programmes automatically regulate the water temperature and rinse time during washing to suit the level of soiling and load volume. This means, with automatic programmes you only use as much water as needed for perfect results. The right wash for every load – all at the touch of a button. Glass protection. Glass protection for gentle care for your glasses and delicate dishes. Because soft water causes glass corrosion, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection regulate the degree of hardness. This is how we optimize the protection of valuable glasses and delicate china with special care. Easy pre-select programme start for the desired start time.. With the time delay function you can pre-select the programme for the desired start time. This allows you to handle your appliance conveniently, at any time during the day, during work hours or at night. After the start of the programme a display indicates the precise remaining time. The perfect cleaner that never wastes a drop.. Not all washing loads are the same, so why should each cycle automatically use the same amount of water? The LoadSensor feature uses a rotary speed sensor to detect the load weight and water level, so that only the required amount of water is used. For example, smaller loads require less water for rinsing, so less water is added, whereas full loads are given more water for optimal soaking. A feature that delivers perfect results while saving you water and electricity? Now that’s smart. Perfect cleaning results without wasting a drop of water.. The AquaSensor regulates the water usage depending on the type and degree of soiling, using light beams to manage the rinse. Depending on remaining food particles, grease or detergent residues, the rinsing process is assessed to determine whether it needs to be continued. The dishwasher that protects itself from water damage.. At Bosch, we care about your dishes and also about your home safety.The AquaStop System consists of a double-walled feed hose, a mechanical valve in the feed hose and a visual display. Water running out collects in the hose casing and causes a sponge to swell up, which then stops the flow of water mechanically. Bosch offers protection against water damage, wash after wash. EcoSilence DriveTM: powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.. Keeping the house clean can be difficult. Keeping it quiet can sometimes feel impossible. Our dishwashers with EcoSilence Drive deliver high-performance cleaning with low noise emission. Equipped with a brushless, energy-saving motor that optimally reduces friction noise, the EcoSilence Drive ensures a much smoother, quieter operation. Now you can enjoy a home that is as quiet as it is clean. ActiveWater technology: less water, less energy, more performance.. This innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation. Glass 40° programme: the extra gentle rinse programme for best cleaning, optimum drying and brilliant shine.. The Glass 40 °C programme gently cleans glasses like high-quality crystal while providing optimal drying and achieving a brilliant shine. This is made possible by lowering temperatures, adjusting the rinse-agent’s temperature, and extending the drying period. Shiny glasses and residue-free drying are clear proof of a brilliant and gentle cleaning result. ExtraDry: extra drying option for difficult-to-dry loads.. Activating the Extra Dry option dries your dishes extra-thoroughly by higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and a longer drying phase - with just one push of a button.

EAN: 4242005198047

Dimensions du colis: 24.7 x 23.6 x 21.5 inches

Les langues: Anglais, Allemand

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Mise à jour : Sep 25, 2022

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